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Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all body parts, including organs and glands. Stimulating these reflexes properly can help the body relax completely, in a natural way.



Reflexology is the most relaxing form of bodywork one can experience. When the body is relaxed, it has an amazing ability to repair itself. Reflexology simply feels fantastic. Although no country can claim its origin, the idea behind Reflexology is not new. In fact, it was practiced as early as 2330 BC by the Egyptian culture. 


I have been practicing Reflexology for 28 years. During my massage therapy training, my instructor chastised me for spending too much time on the hands and feet  stating I would run over my allotted hour time with clients. Guess what? She was right! Within the first year as a massage therapist, I enrolled in a Reflexology Certification Course. Initially incorporating Reflexology into my massage sessions, I realized quickly that as I worked on the feet, the clients' relaxation response was almost immediate. Their chatting stopped, deep breaths were natural and often a light sleep prevailed. Sounds heavenly, huh?  Describing with words simply doesn't do it justice. Try a session. I guarantee you or your feet will be not disappointed. I tell people, "the worst thing that will happen is that you will be completely relaxed." For some, that is a dream come true. They simply can not relax for whatever reason.


The session begins with an intake form. I am not a doctor, but I need to know a brief medical history to help you the best way I can. I have studied and taught anatomy for 15 years. I know a few things. After the initial interview, you will either be partially or completely reclined on a massage table removing only your shoes and socks. I work on both feet first, then switch to working one foot at a time focusing on the different reflex areas on each foot. The session ends with aromatic hot towels wrapped around your feet, removing any excess lubricants.  ​

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