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Reflexology Mingle

Enjoy a Reflexology experience with your friends and family!


Reflexology is relaxing. Who would think by just working on the feet, that the body could become so rejuvenated? Only those who have experienced Reflexology know the effects it can have. Why not tell your friends? Need an excuse to have a party? Something different for a girls night out? How about you and your partner learn how to apply techniques to reduce stress for each other. 


For 2-15 people, I  will come to your home or office and give your guests a lovely sampling of Reflexology. Simply provide a quiet space or separate room and I will bring everything needed. Participants are asked to wear loose-fitting pants that can be rolled up to expose the legs. 


The host would entertain her guests while I take one person at a time to have a mini session. Details on the length of the session will be predetermined. Participants will recline on either a massage table or lounge chair. Relaxing music will be offered or silence. For gatherings with more than 5 people, I will have a helper who will also be a Certified Reflexologist.​

For more information and to book a Reflexology Mingle:


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